Jesus said “Love one another as I have loved you ….”

Welcome to the journey of discovering more about love — God’s radical love for us, and in this course in particular, God’s radical love expressed in the context of marriage and family life. The joy of love is found in knowing the reality of this radical level of love.

Our world needs every Catholic (and other Christians, too) to understand the vocation of marriage and family life very well, because with understanding comes a better ability to live it. If our Church were full of families living out their vocation in the fullness that God has in mind, the whole world would be changed by it.

If you are willing to minister to others, if you want to take your marriage and family life to a higher level of holiness and thus serve as a testimony to others about God’s plan for marriage and family, this course on Pope Francis’ The Joy of Love will be useful in gaining a better understanding of your vocation.

This is for more than just married couples and parents. If you will ever be in a position or opportunity to help others understand the Church’s teachings on marriage and family, then this is an important book to read — especially in today’s world where secular and immoral beliefs about marriage and family have become louder than the truth.

We all — every Catholic and indeed every Christian — increasingly need to be able to speak up about God’s design for marriage and family. We are called by Christ to evangelize the world into embracing God’s design. He longs to empower us to win back many who have gone astray and to strengthen couples’ resolve to have strong, holy marriages and to become parents who give the world the gift of children who are raised in the truth.

The instructor, Terry Modica, is available for one-on-one discussion.

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