Many of us who have been raised in the first world west have no sense of the great wells of wisdom from the past.
These schools and mystics all cultivated elaborate descriptions and paths into the presence of God.

The challenge is twofold: our own ego and shadow. They are always 'before' us, slowing us down, trying to protect us from danger, and pulling us back into what's comfortable.

We have to learn the greater, deeper humility of waiting in God.

An imaginative guide
St Teresa is like an imaginative guide into the inner live of the soul.

She gives us a set of metaphors and concepts to deal with internal progress.

After reading this book 10 years ago, I'm intensely grateful for the 'birds eye view' of how it all works. What I can expect. And why I should be patient and grateful for where I am.

Interior Castle can also be a map through our interior desert. Like St John of the Cross 'Dark Night of the Soul,' the mature Christian must enter into a living, loving journey into ourselves, to find the place where God rests.

Abridged, by Dominic de Souza
This course is my own abridgement of her book. Breaking up paragraphs, removing direct references to her fellow sisters, extracting the tangents.

The intent is to preserve her meaning and her words, but make it easier to read. Easier for the modern reader, with a tighter focus and clearer headlines.

The content is courtesy of EWTN.

Note: this course offers the first 2 chapters. It is a work in progress. As new lessons are added, you'll be notified!

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