Have you ever wondered why everything “made sense” to the Catholic Church and her members “so soon”?

Things like the Incarnation, the Communion of Saints, the Eucharist, the veneration of the Blessed Virgin Mary, and the office of the Papacy?

Join Dustin Quick, host of the "Holy Smokes" YouTube show, a convert through Calvinisim and Islam to Catholicism. He interviews academics, experts, and commentators, such as Margaret Barker, Dr John Bergsma, and The Jewish Catholic.

Get ready to discover a view of Catholic and Hebrew history that you didn't get in Sunday school. Rediscover the ancient roots and origins of symbol, meaning, and story that will excite and enrich your understanding and experience of the sacraments.

Many aspects of the Catholic Church are mistakenly ascribed to 'late Medieval' developments or Greco-Roman paganism. They are said to be foreign to a 'pure and simple' Jewish-Christianity. We shall find that they have their origins in the worldview and rituals of the First Temple in Jerusalem.

As you embark upon this riveting journey, you will discover that the Catholic Church - established by the God-Man Jesus Christ, the True Davidic King and Melchizedek High Priest - is the restoration and fulfillment of Solomon’s Temple and the Eternal Covenant of Peace

Today, everyone is looking and grasping in the dark for the true “Hebrew Roots” faith of the original Christians.

You will be able - with Holy Spirit-inspired confidence - to share and help guide seekers to the true House of the Lord, built by God Himself, for the purpose of participating in the Life of the Most Holy Trinity!

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