Do you want to be a leader your family or team trusts and follows? Watch these three, short videos from Catholic, military veterans for three, short tips.

In this mini course, three former military men share three simple, powerful concepts that helped them become 'servant leaders' and create powerful influence. The secret? Fed up with feeling passive - weak, indecisive, or aimless - Marek Rudak, Shannon McGurk, and Nathan Crankfield dug into the overlap between their Catholic Faith and their military training, and learned exactly how to inspire and empower others.

Now, these men are sharing what they've learned, so that you can do the same: take action without turning people off, and inspire them to follow.

Together with Marek, Shannon, and Nathan, you will

- Take stock of who impacted you, and how to find a higher purpose
- Understand 'informal authority' and how to lead as a servant
- Identify a way to instantly improve how people respect you

Packed with insights, examples, and stories from these men's personal lives, this course is designed for every man who wants real leadership without raising your voice.

It includes a worksheet to download, so that you can fill in your answers.

Whether you want to be a better student, a more confident family man, or guide your team to success, this 30-minute course will share with you Christianity's craziest concept: servant leadership.

Get started and celebrate taking the first step!

All you need to follow along is right here. You can answer the questions publicly to share with other members. Or you can grab a pen and paper. Download the worksheets to follow along with the prompts, or jot your thoughts in a notebook.

This course is sponsored by Heroic Men. FREE FILMS, TV SHOWS AND MORE, Curated exclusively for Catholic men.

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