In this course, Terry Modica will lead you through the discovery (or deeper-than-ever-before discovery) of what living in the power of the Holy Spirit can be really like for you.

We are given the fullness of the Holy Spirit when we are baptized. In today’s world, we face many challenges and evil forces that threaten our joy and inner peace, and so we need to release the power of the Holy Spirit. Do you feel powerless in dealing with the difficulties you’re facing? Do you feel empty and alone? The Holy Spirit was given to you by Jesus, to be your Helper, a constant, faithful, supernatural Companion. If you feel like there should be more of God’s help in your life, you’re right. There should be. There can be! God desires this for you even more than you do. That's why you will greatly benefit from this course.

This course contains 12 short-but-power-packed videos (each only 5 to 6 minutes long) and reflection questions.

The instructor, Terry Modica, is available for one-on-one discussion.

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