We are a global Catholic evangelization ministry dedicated to adult faith formation. We help people to reach a better understanding of God’s love and to apply Biblical principles and Catholic teachings to everyday life.

With this, we empower people to evangelize by imitating Christ in the way they live and by becoming educated in the faith.

We use technology as tools of outreach, always striving to be on the cutting edge of this technology to reach people in the contemporary culture.

The founders (Terry Modica and Ralph Modica), staff, board of directors, and extended team of volunteers and supporters accomplish our mission by using our gifts and talents to collaborate in the mission of evangelization.

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Exciting Goals for 2021

A year of unveiling the beauty of our Church

Think of young adults who need an awakening of faith: Let's reach them with the Truth that will change their lives! Or perhaps you are a young adult and you're looking for something more than what's typically been available to you.

Jesus has a strong passion for enlivening the faith of young adults, and therefore so do I. Are you with me on this?

The parents of wayward young adults are rarely able to entice them away from the worldliness that seduced them. God answers prayers through community. It’s a collaboration: You, me, and the Holy Spirit. Good News Ministries will develop online, interactive events on SmartCatholics that appeal to young adults, and you can forward invitations.

Likewise, we have hired a young adult to serve as Community Manager in all of our social networks, especially where young people gather. We will post eye-catching graphics that have uplifting faith-based messages that you can share to your young adult friends and family.

Already our very popular Good News Reflections on the readings from Mass are uniquely ideal for drawing young adults deeper into the faith after they arrive in our ministry.

Do we really care deeply about reaching young adults – so much so that we will do what it takes for that to happen?

Help us fulfill Christ's passionate desire to enliven and deepen the faith growth of young adults and people of all generations! Please go to

Conference Endorsement

Keep Christ at the center, the Word of Truth in your heart, and the traditional teachings of the Catholic Church as the guardian of your soul.

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