The pursuit of holiness is a significant part of the life of a disciple. However, oftentimes in our desire to be pleasing to the Lord, we can become weighed down by the invisible pressures of shame, perfectionism, and fear.

Whether these pressures come from expectations we place on ourselves, or from external sources — like the culture surrounding us — they can prevent us from apprehending the fullness of life God intends for us.

Fortunately, there is great freedom available in Christ!

This mini-course is for those who are hungry for that freedom.

More than just a relaying of information, this course is designed to help you identify where you might be experiencing bondage to fear and shame in your relationship with the Lord, and to offer encouragement, truth, and practical tools for overcoming them on both the natural level and the spiritual level.

With thought-provoking writings, guided reflections, and designated times of prayer and engagement with the Lord, you can think of this course as a time to step away on spiritual retreat — a pause amidst your day to connect with the Lord, invite Him into areas of your life that need His touch, and experience the healing and freedom that He has to offer.

Come and receive.

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