Have you heard that "men have a special call to be first-responders, to step up and be leaders?"

Most of us don't know how. We don't think we have what it takes. We think we're not "special enough." We're just ordinary.

I'm so happy to tell you you're wrong. Think about David - an ordinary shepherd. God used him to shatter the enemy and reshape the future of the world. Think about our grandfathers in the recent world wars - they were ordinary too. They changed the face of the war. This is how God works; he empowers ordinary men to get extraordinary results!

You have the potential to be a leader in your life, for your friends and family.

How does the U.S. Army define leadership? It's a way to influence people by providing purpose, direction, and motivation. Leaders help people accomplish a mission and improve how things are done.

When you join us in this online workshop, 3 former Army officers will teach you how to grow your influence, how to be a different kind of leader, and how to motivate people to get things done - without raising your voice. As Catholics, we're going to break down the craziest, most Christ-like form of leadership: servant leadership.

The workshop is in 3 parts:

Noon EST - Purpose by Marek Rudak

12:30 PM EST - Direction by Shanon McGurk

1:00 PM EST - Motivation by Nathan Crankfield

If you can't join us live or have last-minute schedule changes, no worries. All registrants will get access to the replay.

Act before January 9th and get $5 off when you use the discount code ALLIN.

Are you all in? Let’s do this.




See you soon,


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